Joanne's story & a great need for this school year


Joanne's Story

My name is Joanne Elvinor. I am a teacher at Philadelphia Christian school of Fontaine. Today is a privilege for me to share my testimony about what PCMP has done for me and my family and the community of Fontaine where I am from.

After my husband and I got married, life became very difficult for us, we came to a point where we couldn't bring food to the table to take care of our two beautiful children God gave us. Somehow the Lord brought Pastor Jude to my family and became not only a close brother to my husband, Kener but a father who cares very much for our family.

In 2013 Pastor Jude saw in Kener a good potential fellow co-worker in the work that the Lord is doing at PCMP in the community of Fontaine. Pastor Jude hired him as the 1st grade teacher at Philadelphia Christian School of Fontaine. After 5 years teaching the class, my husband became very sick. Since he was the only one working to bring food to the table things would become worse. Not only did we have two kids to feed, Kener is very ill and hospitalized.

I did not know what to do, but I knew that the Lord had a plan for my family. I prayed but it was so difficult, I felt like the word 'faith' exists only in the good book. At the time, I couldn't remember God's promises for our lives. But little by little the Lord strengthened me and reminded me of His love and mercy.

In the midst of our difficult time, Pastor Jude never gave up on us. Not only did he keep my husband on the payroll, he stepped in to help with the hospital bill. After Kener spent 10 days in the hospital in Pignon with no improvement, Pastor Jude requested that Kener move to Cap-Haitian for better health care. He spent 6 days in the hospital in Cap-Haitien, but instead of improving Kener's health continued to degrade. Pastor Jude, through PCMP, asked for support of our fellow brothers and sisters in the United States and with the support he received Pastor Jude accompanied my husband to the Dominican Republic where he was diagnosed with TB and received treatment. Today, praise the Lord, my husband is well, strong and healthy! Added to that, Pastor Jude invited our family to live with him in the missionary home in town so we can be closer and be helpful to each other.

I can only wish that I find the right way to express my gratitude toward PCMP and Pastor Jude. In some sense, I do not have enough pages to express my gratitude toward the Lord and Pastor Jude.I know the Lord will continue to bless this ministry to help advance His Kingdom in the community of Fontaine. I am also grateful that the Lord gives Kener and I the opportunity to serve in return at PCMP.

Thank you and may the Lord bless each and everyone.


School Updates

Our school is currently facing a critical need. Two months ago, we lost the faithful partnership of our main supporting church due to a split within the church congregaton. Needless to say, the loss of this valuable partnership has been devastating for PCMP, the teachers (like Joanne) who serve in our schools and most importantly, our students. We are seeking the Lord's help, through you, that the school will remain open until the end of this academic year, which is in August. This will allow the teachers to continue to receive a paycheck that enables them to support their families, and students will not lose the remaining months of valuable education if we are forced to close the school before the end of the school year.

We are also seeking the Lord's help to be able to continue funding our school into the next academic year. We need your prayers for God's provision so that we do not have to close the secondary or primary school. Having to end the school year early or closing part of our school next year will have a devasting impact on the students, teachers and the families in the Fontaine community. who rely on PCMP to provide jobs and a Christian education to their children.

We are asking the Lord to provide for our financial need of $13,528 to be able to complete the official school year in August, keep our schools open, provide students with the education they deserve, pay our faculty and staff, and continue to be a light for Jesus in the Fontaine community.

We have seen God work through your trust in our ministry, compassion for the poor, faithful prayers and generous donations. Thank you!

We are making an urgent appeal at this critical time to let you know we need your prayers and financial support! Today, you have an opportunity to be a part of what God is doing in the Fontaine community. One way to help provide for this urgent need is to sponsor a child's education. We are seeking sponsors for all 350 students, with 45 students already being sponsored. Please click here if you are interested in sponsoring a child.

Other options to donate directly to PCMP that will enable us to keep our school open:

Direct Link to Donor Form:

Text to Give Option (
Message and data rates may apply):
Text the word "PCMP" to: 715-803-4772

Mail a check:
9212 Timberwood Dr.
Johnston, Iowa 50131

We continue to seek the Lord's wisdom and provision for our future. We rejoice because we are confident that God will move in the lives of His people as we follow His leading for what lies ahead.

"I love those who love Me and those who seek Me find Me." (Prov. 8:17)

We are extremely grateful for your prayers and your partnership with our ministry that enables us to accomplish what God has called us to do in Haiti. Thank you so much!

In this Newsletter update we wanted to share with you a story written by one of our preschool teachers, Joanne.