Easter Update 2022


Happy Easter! As always, we remain grateful for your unending support of our efforts despite the number of challenges within our community and country. God continues to bless us through your faithfulness and for that we thank you.

Before we begin PCMP updates, I'd like to dedicate another special thank you for the personal support of my brother, Dajus Augusma. As you may remember, Dajus was admitted to hospital last week in the Dominican Republic for pulmonary edema or excess fluid buildup in the lungs. Dajus has not fully recovered, but his condition improved enough where he was tentatively released from care on Friday, April 8th.

Doctors completed a final checkup last Wednesday, April 13th and by the grace of God, he was given the green light to return home. There remains some minor difficulties sleeping and sporadic body aches and pain, but overall, he is doing much better and doctors anticipate him to make a relatively complete recovery. Therefore, this special thank you goes out to Pastor Brian Park, Eric Chow, and Creekside Church of Urbandale for their prayers and financial support in helping my brother receive care.
As for PCMP news, please find the list of updates for our school and future opportunities below.

School updates

• Chicken Project: As mentioned in our January 2022 newsletter, PCMP is considering starting a school chicken project. Specifically, this project aims to raise and sell chickens, with proceeds being used to support the school. Since this announcement, we've continued to monitor interest within the PCMP community and many happily welcome the idea. Our plan is to start construction of a chicken coop building along with strategy meetings to finalize plans for this project. Please pray for God's hand to guide us along the way.

• Kindergarten Building Construction: PCMP would like to give a special thank you to Creekside Church of Urbandale for their continued financial support. With their support, we have officially completed the

• Foundation of our new kindergarten building.

This was a milestone accomplishment and we couldn't be more grateful for all your support. That being said, the deadline to complete this project is August 2022. The Haitian government has restructured the kindergarten education system and therefore requires this project be completed by this deadline. Completing it on time will help PCMP align with the Haitian government's new education model and have the building officially operational for the 2022-2023 academic year. We still need to raise $10,000 to fully complete this project, but we are confident God will provide us a way to see this through.

Church updates

• Youth Revitilization Camp: PCMP just finished a Five-day spiritual revitalization camp for the young people in our community. Pastors and motivational speakers from neighboring communities helped champion this event and increased its impact. Our aim was to preach the Gospel and bring people to Christ in addition to providing networking opportunities. I am overjoyed to announce that with the help of our partners, 160 young men and women were able to attend this event! It was truly awe inspiring to see God work through our community to bring his children closer to him.

• Church construction project: After many months of hard work, there remains only one task left to complete our church construction projection. As a quick reminder, the physical church building began to deteriorate with many cracks appearing in the walls and the roof beginning to oxidize. Moreover, our church has seen a tremendous growth within this last year which also required us to construct additional space for our congregation. We have repaired most structural damage to the church and all that remains is the installation of a new roof for the entire building. However, due to substantial increases in supply costs and crippling economic inflation, fully completing this project will cost $7,000 dollars. Supply of the building materials has dwindled which has made it increasingly difficult to finish this project. However, as always, we know the Lord will provide just as he always does. Please pray for continued progress along with raising the funds to complete the final step of the project.

Please click on any of the options below to make a special donation to PCMP or to sponsor a child's education for one year. Just add a comment on the donation form that you would like your donation to sponsor a child's education and we will send you a picture of your sponsored child!

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A current urgent need is to increase our teachers salaries for the upcoming school year. If you would like to give a special gift towards this need please leave us a note on the donation page when you make your donation to PCMP. Thank you!

Thank you again for your faithful support of PCMP!
God Bless,